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If you are looking for experienced partners to help you bring your custom hardware concept to market, then you have come to the right place. Our staff has an average of 20+ years of experience with device design, including all of the phases necessary to launch a hardware/software product. We can help you with the following phases of development:

  • Concept (Block Diagram)
  • Costing and Scheduling
  • Schematics
  • PCB Layout
  • OS port and drivers
  • Embedded Applications
  • Alpha Development
  • Beta Development
  • Regulatory Testing
  • Test Bench Development

We can also provide software support for your design. We specialize in:

  • Embedded Operating System Support
  • Custom Device Drivers
  • Custom Application Development
  • Embedded Web Servers

We have experience in a wide range of designs ranging from very simple I/O adapters to complex multiprocessor systems. For some examples of what we have been involved in, check out our About page

If you would like to discuss how we can help with any phase of your development effort, please send email to bizdev at techshire.com.